8:04 p.m. - Councilmen Bucciero and Meola say yes so far. Councilman Zecca says no. All three have qualified their statements.

6:53 p.m. - Councilman Dave Testa has now said he plans to vote "no" to the tax cap levy. There are now three council members with plans to vote against it. Only one member more is needed to vote it down. Early reports from other members say it is Joseph Marino. Councilman Rocco Giruzzi may also be on the fence.

6:35 p.m. - Several Councilmen, including Vescrea, Zecca and Joe Marino remain in the Executive Room, talking about the budget. Also remaining are President Bill Morehouse, Ed Bucciero and Frank Meola. Others continue walking in and out of the room.

6:19 p.m. - The executive meeting of the Utica Common Council lasted only fifteen minutes, but the vote is still being waited on. As of now, only the votes of Councilmen Frank Vescera and Jim Zecca are known. Both have said they will choose to vote "no." Everyone else's votes remain up in the air.

Prior to the meeting, President William Morehouse noted that Mayor Robert Palmieri's budget is difficult, saying "If the mayor wanted a true budget he would have a nine or ten percent increase."

The Council so far has to work with a 3.75% increase with each percent cut or added to the budget equating to roughly $235,000.