Sauquoit, NY (WIBX) - A longer selling season, combined with excellent weather, has allowed for higher than expected christmas tree sales so far this year.

Omar Massoud, owner of Massoud's Tree Farm in Sauquoit, believes the still weak economy has brought on a sense of nostalgia, bringing in new customers to buy trees.

"Young families after young family, after young family," Massoud said. "As a matter of fact, this morning I had a customer here, an older woman who came and bought a little tree. And she said she got rid of her artificial tree because she couldn't stand it anymore. So, they're switching back to the real tree."

Massoud said one thing is certain, though.

"I do like to say this," Massoud said. "I feel better selling and cutting Christmas trees with a little bit of snow on the ground. [It adds a] little more atmosphere."

According to local growers, the most popular trees for Christmas this year are the fraser firs, because of their rich colors, strong scent and shorter needles.