Utica, NY (WIBX) - High school students had the opportunity to jam with the Blue Man Group during a drumming workshop at Utica's Stanley Theatre.

Band students from local junior and high schools met with members of the group, while also showing off their skills.

Aaron Bliss, 17, from Sauquoit Valley High School, was among several students volunteering to play with the band. He describes his experience.

"You raise your hand and your heart's just beating because you're nervous and you start playing," Bliss said. "It's a simple thing, but then you're like 'Oh no! I'm probably going to screw it up' even though it's a simple thing."

Chelsea Catalone, 17, another student from Sauquoit Valley, says she learned a lot during the event.

"It was just really nice to connect with the other Blue Men and seeing what they actually do," Catalone said. "It was really fun."

Bhurin Sead (Pour-in See-ad) is a Blue Man. He says these workshops offer a new perspective for the show.

"Every time we do these things, we sort of learn a little bit about ourselves and a little bit about the job that we don't necessarily talk about," Sead said. "It's kind of cool to sort of be able to share that with the kids and the folks that stop by."

Sead also says the students he met with showed the skills needed to perform with the troupe.

"It's really, really amazing," Sead said. "The kids that came up were really, really good. They were able to pick up on the parts really quickly and they listen really well. Basically, our job is to listen to one another, listen to the audience and they did a really good job."

Tickets for tonight and tomorrow's shows are still available. To purchase tickets for any of the three performances, call (315) 724-7196 or click here.