If you're looking to become more active there is a local group that is taking all comers.

Peter Angelini got started down this road after taking part in the Go The Distance Boilermaker training group a few years back decided to start is his own exercise crew - The Speeders Running and Fitness Group.

And, don't think you need to be a 'speeder' to join. Angelini says of himself ''I'm slower than molasses going up hill in January.''

''We started as a small group, about ten people, right in the neighborhood and some people walked. We just kept on working, running 2-3 times a week. Before you know it, we did our first 5k - the Patriot Run in Rome. The sense of accomplishment made me continue moving on with it...and now my Facebook group has 100 members.''

The group is growing with runners, but also walkers and bikers, too.

To get involved contact Peter on Facebook (Peter Angelini) or email him at handmsdad@aol.com. There are no membership or entry fees.