Ruston, LA (WIBX) - The four-year old mascot of Lousiana Tech University, named "Tech XX," was left outside for too long on Sunday afternoon and died of heat stroke.

The English bulldog lived with the family of Dr. Patrick Sexton, owner of the Sexton Animal Health Center in Ruston, Louisiana.  Sexton says an employee reported the dog missing at first.  After many searches were conducted and reward posters were put up around the campus the employee finally admitted that the dog had been left outside for too long on Sunday, and had actually been dead for days.

Sexton said that the employee panicked and handled the situation wrong.  He has since been fired but Sexton says that cannot compensate for the fact that not only did the school lose its mascot, but that he and his family have lost one of their own.

The original story was reported by Mary Nash-Wood in the Shreveport Times.