The Madison County Solid Waste Authority got much more than it bargained for during its recent Pill Take Back Day.

During the event held on April 27th, the group received more than 1,700 pounds of unused medications- including more than 1,000 pounds dropped off by one couple who had been cleaning out their barn.

Sharon Driscoll, Recycling Coordinator for the facility, said she was shocked to see the results.

"They called us, and as it happens they called a day or two before our event," Driscoll said. "We told them to bring it over, not knowing there was quite so much."

Most of the drugs brought in by the couple were thought to be owned by a veterinarian, though there was cough medicine and vitamins included in the drop-off.

Prior to last weekend's event, the program had received more than 2,100 pounds of unused drugs since its inception in 2009.

According to Driscoll, taking drugs back through these programs is much better than flushing them down the toilet, since there is less impact on the environment. It also keeps the drugs out of the hands of people who may use them for "pharm parties."