Several men were taken into custody after a fight with officers outside of the Deja Vu Bar in Utica.

Shortly after 1:00am on Sunday, November 3, 2013 security flagged down Utica Police officers as they were driving past the bar.  Officers were told that after they refused to let a man into the bar he began making threatening statements to bar employees.  According to security the man was threatening to shoot them and members of their families.

The man was identified as 37-year old Ivan Rodriguez of Utica.  Police say that he appeared calm and began to walk away from officers.  He started to approach security personnel, and proceeded to throw down his phone and approach them "in a threatening manner."  Police then intervened and attempted to take Rodriguez into custody.  Police say he resisted arrest and, then they tried to restrain him, several of Rodriguez's friends surrounded officers, threatening and punching them.

More police arrived as the group around swelled to around one hundred people.  Many, police say, were threatening officers.

Later the front door to the police station was kicked and shattered by someone believed to be a supporter of one of the arrested.

This case is still under investigation.

In addition to Rodriguez, several others are facing resisting arrest charges including 26-year old Daquan Wilson, 40-year old Jorge Ramos, 22-year old Alexander Rivera, and 21-year old Nelson Colon-Matos.  23-Year old Nelson Reyes was charged with obstructing governmental administration, and 19-year old Brandon Negron (not pictured) was charged with disorderly conduct.