Ilion Police say a man taken into custody earlier this morning is being treated for minor injuries and receiving a mental health evaluation.

Just before ten o'clock last night the Village of Ilion Fire Department investigated a backyard fire at 60 Grove Street.  A man believed to live at the home confronted firefighters.  Ilion Police say when they arrived the man wanted them to draw their weapons and "come after" him into the home.

The man, whose identity is not being released at this time, cut himself punching a glass window and then barricaded himself inside the home, cutting off the electricity and refusing to cooperate with police.

Police attempted to telephone the man and the Ilion Police Department's Special Response Team was called.  Police from Frankfort, Little Falls, and Mohawk arrived as well, along with New York State Police.  Streets in the surrounding area were blocked off while negotiations were taking place.

Shortly before 2:00am this morning, March 9, 2013, the man surrendered peacefully. He was brought to Saint Elizabeth Medical Center for treatment of his cuts and for a mental health evaluation.

Two guns, bullets, and knives were found inside of the home.