Things quickly went sideways on the Keeler show Thursday morning as we spoke to a Utica man who claims a city police officer wanted to fight him earlier this week. 

Charles Donlon told WIBX this week that when an Utica police officer responded to a call for a disturbance on Bryant Street, the officer told Donlon he was going to punch him in the face.

Donlon said while he did swear at a woman on the street, whom he claims was causing the disturbance (although she contacted WIBX to dispute Donlons version of the story and said she was actually the one who called police), he says he didn't do anything to provoke that response from police.

The Donlons provided WIBX with a brief video that captured the final seconds of the verbal dispute between Charles and the officer - which showed Donlon shouting obscenities at the officer and inviting him onto his lawn to fight. The officer could be seen standing in the road having removed his gun belt, badge and radio. Ultimately the officer walked away and we've learned the incident is being reviewed by the UPD.

Joining the Keeler Show Thursday, Donlon said he wasn't proud of the language he used in the video, but said basically that the cop started it. But, when Keeler said Donlon's behavior was an example of police deal with on a daily basis, the city resident erupted and challenged Keeler to a fight.

''No, this is what we gotta deal with with scumbags like you talking about [President] Trump and me on Facebook. 'Cause I'm a Trump fan, and I just heard you talking about my man Trump on there and I didn't really like it. And if you don't like how I act or how I talk, why don't you come to my house and I'll bust you're f*&^ing jaw,'' Donlon said.

Note: A video of the final seconds of the confrontation between Donlon and the officer was posted to the WIBX YouTube page with permission of the Donlons. They have since requested that it be taken down.