While they play the same position, they really don't look anything alike. Starting quarterback Mark Sanchez (above) has had to deal with fan and media rumors and speculation about how much time backup QB Tim Tebow (right) will get this season, and on Thursday (training camp reporting day for the Jets) Sanchez had to deal with being called 'Tim' by a reporter.

If you listen to the clip below, you can clearly hear the reporter say 'Tim', as Sanchez was fielding questions from the media. He laughs it off after saying 'I'm Mark.'

However, Ben Shpigel, the New York Times' Jets beat reporter, seems to indicate the journalist who was asking the question, knew who she was talking to.

USAToday.com says Shpigel tweeted:

that's not what happened w/sanchez getting called tim. i was there... reporter began question by saying, "tim," as in, "tim said" or something like that.  but she kept getting interrupted.