Whitesboro, NY (WIBX) - A massive mushroom is causing quite a stir for one Whitesboro man.

Lawrence Brabant recently found a 12 pound Giant Puffball (Langermannia gigantea), measuring an estimated 57 inches in circumference. Brabant says the mushroom is now on display at the State Fair.

Lynette Kay, with the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County, says the Giant Puffball is fairly easy to spot.

"They're a giant fungus and they are unlike other mushrooms in that they don't have gills, you know, when you turn a mushroom upside down, you can see the gills underneath them," Kay said. "These do not have that, so it's like the top of a mushroom -the white fleshy part- but it's a big round ball."

Puffballs are commonly found near meadows, stands of trees and forest openings. They can also be found in fields where cows may be.

But, there are look-alikes that can be toxic to humans. Luckily, puffballs are edible at any stage, though Kay says they decay nearly as quickly as they grow.