Big things are on the way in Utica's Harbor Point, just ask Mayor Robert Palmieri.

"Utica right now is hot," Palmieri said. "But, I think we have an awful lot to offer as far as service, workforce and as far as the community that we have which is an outstanding melting pot of workers out there."

The Mayor's recent announcement earlier this week to bring Elan Planning into Utica to build a possible outline for Harbor Point is creating excitement for what the future may hold.

"I think it's going to be mixed-use," Palmieri said. "I think you're going to have commercial, residential and retail. I've proposed the casino. I believe this is the venue that is going to turn the tide for the Utica area and, more importantly, the Mohawk Valley."

Gino Geruntino, WIBX

The $210,000 dollar plan will take about six months to create, but should make use of almost all 20 acres of the site. Palmieri says the land that isn't able to be developed still has plenty of opportunities for growth.

"The areas that will not be able to be developed as far as construction, is what's going to be our recreation area," Palmieri said. "That will be either walkways, sports facilities, it could be an ice skating rink. A stadium... there's a lot of venues that could be applicable over in that area, which at this point will not be applicable for putting a shovel into the ground."

In recent weeks, other news has been released, including plans to build at the former Bossert Site, a possible AHL team moving in and changes to the Genesee Street Corridor.

But, Palmieri says it's all part of the bigger picture, which is to make Utica a vibrant city once again.

"The biggest undertaking at this point is getting our finances together," Palmieri said. "This is something we're working on, it's a major master plan that we're working on, but if we don;t put our finances together we don't have to worry about any new initiatives that we have in front of us."

The Mayor notes that the city still has a long way to go and that keeping Utica's residents happy is of utmost importance. Until then, the City will continue to look north on Genesee Street for an added boost.