Terry Collins will be sticking around for at least two more years as manager of the Mets, despite the teams ongoing struggles.

Not that Collins should be the goat for the franchise's disappointments - considering the team's drastic payroll cuts to on-field personnel - but his three year record of 225-261 can't exactly be considered 'successful.'

And, it has seemed at times, that Collins' clubhouse has collectively accepted losing.

Is 15-20 games under .500 acceptable? Is the goal a .500 record, or close to it?

To be fair, during his tenure, the Mets traded the run producing Carlos Beltran, paid the seemingly cursed Jason Bay to play anyplace other than New York and opted not to sign free-agent franchise cornerstone Jose Reyes.

I think you can make arguments for and against each of these decisions, but the team's salary plummeted from the $140-150 million range two years ago, to about $85 million this past season - including the largest ever season-to-season payroll slash in league history. Difficult to succeed without the proper tools, but there could be some hope on the horizon.

Collins has a reputation of being a good influence and teacher with younger players, and the Mets have plenty of young talent. Among them, Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Jeremy Hefner, Travis d'Arnaud, Jaun Lagares and Kirk Nieuwenhuis to name a few.

Collins' deal is reportedly for two-years at a little better than $1 million a season, plus a club option for 2016, according to Mets.com - which says his entire staff will return, as well.