A local business owner who was right next door to the scene of one of the horrific shootings that claimed four lives in Herkimer County is raising money for the victims of the Valley Shooting Spree.

Mark Fresco, owner Mohawk Valley Apparel, was in his shop last Wednesday morning when Kurt Myers opened fire in John's Barber Shop in Mohawk.

''The shooting happened right next door to our store. I had the embroidery machine going and its always pounding so I didn't hear it,'' Fresco says. But he did hear the sirens coming when emergency crews responded.

''We came up with two tee-shirts and they're just exploding on Facebook. The shirts are $10 - with half covering the cost of the shirt and the other $5 going to the victims. So far we're raised $1,700.''

via Mohawk Valley Apparel Facebook page

Here is the Facebook post from Mohawk Valley Apparel:

We are trying to come up with a way to make money for either the New York State Troopers K-9 unit or for the families of the victims of Wednesday horrible events.. 5.00 of every shirt will go to your choice.. cost of shirts are $10.00.. Let us know what you think.