More Americans are admitting that they have a problem...with shopping.

A new poll by CouponCabin shows that fifteen percent of Americans say that shopping has put them into debt.  Eleven percent say they are "shopaholics," addicted to buying things.

More than sixty percent say online shopping makes things worse since it is so easy to shop.  Unlike the experience itself, the bills are certainly not virtual.  About a fifth of those surveyed say they hide their shopping from friends and family, with six percent saying that they have sought professional help for their addiction.

Forty-seven percent of those surveyed say they are "saveaholics," addicted to bargain hunting. The survey of about two thousand people was conducted by Harris Interactive for CouponCabin.  In the statement released by the company about the survey, CouponCabin's senior savings advisor Jackie Warrick says, "Shopping is a fun activity for many, but like anything, it should be done in moderation."  She warns shoppers to "[t]ake the time to pause before your next purchase and seek out ways to save money on items you really need.”