The Keeler in the Morning Show's movie critic Willie Waffle reviewed two movies hitting theaters this weekend.

First, The Smurfs 2 opens in theaters and Willie claims this one is a dog, not a smurf.

"I have to admit, this installment of the Smurfs wasn’t as heinous as the first one, but it doesn’t leave me wanting a third (which is threatened in this one). I have had enough of Smurf exclamations like, “Son of a Smurf”, “Holy Smurf”, and worries Smurfette could be suffering from Smurfholm Syndrome.”

Willie gives Smurfs 2 one waffle.

The other movie reviewed this week features Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg starring in 2Guns.  Denzel Washington stars as Bobby – an undercover DEA agent on the verge of getting a major informant to flip on one of Mexico’s leading drug kingpins, Papi Greco (Edward James Olmos). He has been working with a charming thief, Stig (Mark “Don’t Call Me Marky Mark” Wahlberg), and they have come up with a plan to steal money belonging to Papi. Stig might want the cash, but Bobby wants to use it to be traced back to a crime involving the bad guys.

They rob a local bank expecting to find the $3 million in question, but, instead, end up taking $43 million without anyone trying to stop them. Now, they have huge problems trying to figure out who owns that illegal booty and fighting off everyone who wants to take it from them now that the money is out of the bank.

Why is there $43 million in that bank?

Who is trying to take it?

Who can be trusted?

2 Guns is a fun summer movie because Wahlberg and Washington share some of the best on screen chemistry you will see all year.

Willie gives 2 Guns 3 waffles out of 4.

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