Verona, NY (WIBX) - A new $25 million expansion is taking place at the Turning Stone Casino, adding another 300 jobs to the local economy.

According to Oneida Nation CEO, Ray Halbritter, "Exit 33" will have four distinct entertainment venues, including a country dance hall, rock club, piano bar and ultra lounge.

Gino Geruntino, WIBX

"You know, you have to make investments," Halbritter said. "We're one entity that is making an investment. We've put nearly $1 billion into the ground here, but there's more that we can do and we intend to do more."

Today's groundbreaking marks the largest construction project undertaken at the Turning Stone Resort since 2004 when work began on the Turning Stone Tower and The Lodge.

Jeremy Thurston, with Syracuse's Hayner Hoyt Corporation, says the venues will each hold between 500 and 1000 people, but says each space is designed to be intimate.

"It's a very tight site," Thurston said. "We're standing underneath some high-voltage power lines, which add a little bit of uniqueness to it, but the construction and design team are very busy right now trying to put all the pieces together to make sure we get off to a successful start."

Gino Geruntino, WIBX

But, the benefits aren't left only to the Turning Stone. Anthony Picente says the 200 construction jobs created to build the venues and the 100 permanent jobs created to operate the facilities will provide a boost to the Oneida County economy.

"We welcome that, obviously," Picente said. "That allows us to keep the roads safe, to keep them fresh and new, and all the other pieces that go along with county government. So, it is about growth in every aspect of the term."

Halbritter says the new venues should be open by July, to coincide with Turning Stone's 20th anniversary.