Griffiss Utility Services Corporation announced the completion of it's combined heat and power project with a ribbon cutting ceremony today. Griffiss Utility Services Corporation will now be able to provide tenants at Griffiss Technology Park with an environmentally friendly stable energy source.

The new facility will have the option of switching between natural gas, oil and now wood chips for both heat and electricity based on which option is cheaper.

The  project will provide more than 60 tenants at Griffiss with a more stable long-term energy solution.

"Obviously the cost of oil and natural gas fluctuate frequently," said Dan Maneen, GUSC president and CEO. "But with the ability to use wood chips - which has historically maintained very competitive costs - as a third option, we will be able to effectively stabilize energy rates to the benefit of our customers."

According to Maneen, the positive environmental and economic benefits seen from the commissioning of the CHP facility have spurred GUSC to consider future renewable energy projects for Griffiss Park, including solar power generation.

Watch the ribbon cutting and new tractor trailer unloading process below: