A bill that would continue the state's support of New York's craft beer industry has been agreed on by Governor Cuomo and State legislative leaders.

If passed, the bill would provide New York manufacturers with better opportunities to market their products, allowing brewers to serve 'by the bottle' and 'by the glass' as well as permit farm distilleries to increase the number of retail outlets they can sell their products.

The bill would also reduce costs for small manufacturers by allowing them to produce more of their product at lower fees.

Measures of the legislation include:

  • Increasing the production cap on small producers
  • Allowing farm distilleries to operate a branch office
  • Allowing all manufacturers to conduct tastings and sell, by the bottle or glass, the alcoholic beverages they manufacture without a separate license
  • Lowering the food requirement that must be met by manufacturers when offering tastings and consumption on premises

“The needs of the craft beverage industry change with our growth and this bill provides for efficiencies necessary to continue this growth," said David Katleski, President, New York State Brewing Association."Combined, the beer, wine, spirits and cider sectors represent billions in economic benefit to New York State. We commend this administration and the SLA for directly working with us and responding to our concerns with the creation of this bill. Currently, NY state ranks 26th in the nation for breweries per capita at 165. This bill allow the provisions to increase our ranking and increase beers current economic contribution of $2.2 billion.”

If passed, the bill would take effect 30 days after it becomes law.