A new survey conducted by The New York Association for Pupil Transportation (NYAPT) has demonstrated an alarming reality about the number of motorists who don't stop for school buses dropping off, or picking up kids. The study was conducted in over 35 school districts on December 15th, 2016.

The 765 drivers involved in the survey say they were passed a total of 678 times. A total of 101 passes were reported on the right side of the bus, the side on which kids enter and exit the bus. The NYAPT demonstrates that if these statistics were applied to 50,000 buses in New York State, the number of illegal passes would equate to 44,314. In a release,

NYAPT President, Lori Ann Savino (Jericho Public Schools), noted that “This month’s rise in the level of ‘right side’ passes is a very serious concern to us. That right side of the school bus is used by our children to board and depart the school bus. They are moving supposedly within the protection of the bus. When a motorist comes up along the right side of the bus, they are creating a high risk situation and endangering the children. This trend is deeply upsetting to us and to every school bus driver in our state.”

Officials are urging motorists to remember the simple message, "STOP FOR THE SCHOOL BUS! It's all for the safety of our children."