Professional athletes get the best of the best - trainers, doctors, training facilities and equipment, etc. - well, they do most of the time.

Several New York Giants have complained about their beds leading to back issues after recently going through training camp at the University of Albany.

Apparently college dorm twin-beds aren't very comfortable for monsters of the grid iron who are typically at least six-feet tall and weight anywhere from 250 to 350 pounds or more.

Go figure.

“Everybody’s been complaining about their backs because the bed in the dorm is kind of hard,” defensive tackle Linval Joseph told the New York Daily News. “My back hurts too, but I think it’s just the bed.”

Several members of Big Blue reportedly have ailing backs coming out of camp, according to the report. Some are likely due to the small beds, though for others, it's may be the wear and tear of getting back in shape for such a physical game.

The report also shared this tweet: “Is it a surprise that players have problems with dorm beds?” linebacker Spencer Paysinger asked on Twitter. “Asking 250-350lb players to sleep on twin beds? Lol common sense.”

You can never overstate the obvious, but it seems that this is, or should be an issue for all NFL teams who host camps on college campuses. Also, while there was a lockout last year which cancelled training camps at school campuses, aren't these the same size and style beds they've used in previous years?

Hopefully returning to their own beds and some home cooking will help the Giants heal in time to defend their Super Bowl Championship.