The Board of Regents (The State Board of Regents P-12 Education and Higher Education Committees) is once again changing its collective mind about whether or not to continue with the implementation of the Common Core curriculum throughout the state.

After a move to delay implementation of the Common Core was announced on February 10, 2014, Governor Andrew Cuomo extended harsh criticism to the Board, stating that the decision to delay was one of a "series of missteps" executed by the Board.

It seems that the Regents were listening, as it has changed course, ever so slightly.  MetroSource is reporting that instead of implementing the proposed changes, the recommendations are being put out for public comment with the hope of determining the "correct" path to follow.  At the center of the issue is the teacher evaluation portion of the implementation process.  Delays on other portions of the program, until the year 2022, were passed by the Board.

A formal announcement and schedule of when and where those public hearings are scheduled to take place has yet to be announced.

Many parents have already taken to social media expressing that they wish the state would just make up its mind.
Common Core Delayed