The New York State Department of Health is saying "not yet" to the controversial process of hydrofracking, citing possible public health concerns.

In a letter written to the state's Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner, Joe Martens, DoH Commissioner Nirav Shah discussed the issue's complexity.

In one portion of the letter Shah writes, "In my view, that is not the right approach for New York to take if we are serious that public health is the paramount question in the making the (High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing) HVHF decision. And as Health Commissioner, protecting the public health is my primary job."

The Environmental Advocates of New York agree with Shah's decision. Water and Natural Resources Program Director, Katherine Nadeau, says "the state has not done its job assessing the environmental impacts or fracking's cost to local communities." She is calling on the state to continue researching all of the risks before making any sort of decision.

Last month, WIBX reported on an article in the New York Times that claimed hydrofracking could be performed safely in the state, though the study was performed in early 2012.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has yet to make a decision regarding the issue.