No alcohol should be served to minors, and the Rome Police Department is working to make certain people it is not.

Nine local bartenders are under arrest for serving alcohol to children.

The Rome Police Community Impact Unit and Oneida County Stop DWI visited seventeen spots in Rome. Identification checks were not conducted at nine locations.


Bartenders were arrested from the following:

  • Applebee's               1794 Black River Boulevard
  • Bucky's                    1305 Floyd Avenue
  • DeMatteo's Bar        705 East Dominick Street
  • Korps Corner            800 West Dominick Street
  • Lupia's Bar               701 East Dominick Street
  • The Mill Bar               611 East Dominick Street
  • Palisades Hotel        1921 North James Street
  • Philly's Bar                415 West Dominick Street
  • Trace's                      1109 Oneida Street


Eight locations did not sell alcohol to minors:

  • Aquinos                                  910 Floyd Avenue
  • Black River Ale House           1747 Black River Boulevard
  • Delvecchios Bar                     416 West Dominick Street
  • Legends Sports Bar               528 Erie Boulevard West
  • Midnite Mikes Bar                    443 South James Street
  • Ramblin Inn                             415 North James Street
  • Rhine Haus                             513 West Dominick Street
  • Sammy G's Bar                      417 West Dominick Street