Nine patients remain hospitalized at Baylor Scott & White, three in critical condition, after a shooting at Fort Hood in Texas Wednesday.

Associated Press National Security Writer Robert Burns is reporting that the alleged shooter, now identified as Army soldier Ivan Lopez, saw no combat in Iraq.

At a previously scheduled hearing Army Secretary John McHugh testified this morning that he did not appear to have any ties to extremist groups.  McHugh stated, "He was seen just last month by a psychiatrist...He was fully examined and as of this morning we had no indication...that there was any sign of likely violence either to himself or to others."

Lopez, an infantry soldier since 2008, became a truck driver in Iraq.  He allegedly shot himself after fatally shooting three others at approximately 4:00pm on April 2, 2014.

According to a written released published on Fort Hood's website at 10:10pm last night, the names of the victims will not be released until 24 hours after notificiation of next of kin.

Fort Hood, located between Austin and Waco in the Texas city of Killeen, is the same base where thirteen people were killed in another shooting in 2009.