Today the State of New York got an answer to the question of whether or not homeowners will get federal funds to help rebuild. That answer is no. Today FEMA informed New York State that residents in communities like the Village of Mohawk and the City of Oneida affected by the recent flooding will not be eligible for the Individual Assistance program.

That program would have directed federal funding through FEMA to area residents hit the hardest by the flooding at the end of June.

This means that those with flood damage will have to rely on personal flood insurance or in some cases, personal savings, to rebuild homes and replace lost possessions.

Governor Cuomo said in a statement today that the state will be there to help with these burdens,

"As I have said from the day the flood waters devastated towns and villages across Upstate New York, if federal assistance is not provided, the State of New York will step in to provide whatever is needed so New Yorkers can rebuild their lives and homes."

Although there will be no individual help from FEMA, they have approved federal assistance to municipalities to rebuild infrastructure.