The North-South Arterial Project remains on schedule, with more buildings being taken down in the coming days.

Jim Piccola with the New York State Department of Transportation, says seven out of 57 buildings have been torn down. More will come down soon.

"Between Sunset and Warren right now, there's probably about 12 houses in this one block area that are going to be taken down," Piccola said. "By the end of next week, all twelve of those houses will be down."

Piccola also says that asbestos removal has taken more time than expected, but is still moving along quickly.

The first construction projects should begin soon, as well. This includes work on the pedestrian bridge and the multi-use trail along with several streets.

"We had a low bidder, and basically what happens now is we wait for it to be awarded," Piccola said. "Usually with state contracts it's around 45 days. So, we're hoping around mid-May, we can see our contractor out there starting some work."

Disruption to drivers should not be too bad, with typical construction conditions in place.

The entire arterial project is expected to be completed sometime in 2016.