A source connected to Notre Dame High School in Utica has told WIBX News that the story released last week about the resignation of football coach Byron Abraham is not true.

The source, who has asked not to be identified, claims that Abraham only resigned because he was given an ultimatum by the school board- 'Step down as head football coach or you will be fired'.  The source says that Abraham chose to resign, in order to avoid the termination.

WIBX unsuccessfully attempted to contact both school officials and Abraham on Sunday.

Last week, Abraham spoke with First News with Keeler in the Morning on WIBX and said he had reached a point where the school no longer wanted him and that's when he decided to resign.

Earlier this fall Abraham was suspended for one week during the football season after he chose to not play members of the team who didn't practice because of ROTC obligations during the week. Abraham said he was clear about this policy from the beginning of the season.

Abraham coached at Notre Dame, his alma mater, for 10 years and enjoyed several seasons of post-season play.  Currently, Abraham says he has no plans for next year's football season; but, he loves coaching and would be open to speaking with other schools.

The source also claims that a meeting of parents and friends of Notre Dame is being held on Monday at the Jewish Community Center at 7 p.m. to discuss issues they have with the current administration and the school board.