Oriskany, NY (WIBX) - In honor of Sheriff's Week, County Executive Anthony Picente issued a proclamation thanking the Sheriff's Office for more than two centuries of hard work.

"I felt that it was  very important for us to say thank you and to honor them and to just keep it in everybody's mind," Picente said. "This is a department that has great history, as well. When you look at the history of Oneida County, it's one of the first departments created."

In 1798, the Department was formed, and was led by Sheriff William Coldbraith of Rome.

Today, Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol accepted the proclamation- 214 years later- on behalf of every member of the Sheriff's Office.

"I want to mention each and every one of the 435 people that work for the Sheriff's Office each and every day," Maciol said. "The dedicated men and women serving the residents of Oneida County in all three divisions, as the County Executive said. Certainly the law enforcement division, corrections, civil and certainly I can not leave out the civilian staff."

The County Sheriff's Department performs many duties including traffic control, operating the correctional facility and performing criminal investigations.

Sheriff's Week began yesterday and ends on the 22nd.