Utica, NY (WIBX) - A small group of Occupy protesters rallied in front of Congressman Richard Hanna's office to voice concerns over the lawmaker's recent votes.

The group says Hanna's support for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, a variation of the SOPA and PIPA laws introduced last year, is disappointing, and say he isn't voting in the people's best interests.

But the hot topic was Hanna's recent vote for a bill extending the freeze on student loan rates, but effectively slashing the health budget for preventative health care.

Ken Keplinger, a protester at the event, says Hanna has given Americans an impossible decision to make.

"Right now, what he's done, is he's given us this false choice," Keplinger said. "Either we have to chose a low student loan rates and education in the future, or we have to choose women's health. That's a ridiculous choice. A Q-9 Predator costs about $30 million to make. Why don't we just make one less of those and we could probably balance the budget."

The rally will continue to Liberty Bell Park to clean. Later on, the protestors plan to hold meetings and teach-ins to educate people about the Occupy movement.