Oneida Nation Homelands (WIBX) - Oneida Indian Nation Representative Ray Halbritter Responds to Expected Passage of New York State Constitutional Amendment Legislation


“Today’s expected first passage of legislation to amend the state constitution to legalize commercial gaming does not change the fact that many questions remain unanswered about the overall benefit of such a proposal in New York.  There is a delicate balance between the potential economic benefit gained from gaming and oversaturation that will undermine the social and economic fabric of our communities. Economic development for New York is a positive goal toward which all of its residents should work. That economic development should be targeted to locations that are in need of financial stimulus.” 

“The Oneida Nation has proven that responsible gaming in New York can produce significant economic benefits for the state and its localities.  However, it is still unknown whether the commercial gaming under consideration will, as the Oneida Nation has done, create new long-term jobs, generate sustained economic development, and ensure that revenues will be reinvested back into New York.”
“As this process moves forward to potential passage by consecutive state legislatures and a statewide referendum, New Yorkers should hold their elected officials accountable by insuring that they do not allow commercial gaming that serves only to drain community resources and cannibalize the success that local economies have achieved under the existing framework.  To that end, the Oneida Nation will remain engaged in this process to ensure that the interests of our community and the families of our 4,500 employees are protected.”