Utica, NY (WIBX) - Utica fire officials are cleaning out the closets, looking for old, outdated equipment that is no longer approved by the National Fire Prevention Association.

The gear, including helments, boots,  jackets and other protective gear, will be sent to a fire department in Lima, Peru, according to Utica Fire Chief Russ Brooks.

"These people live in destitute poverty. They fight fires without proper equipment," Brooks said.

He learned of the situation in Peru from Father Christopher Dunn OFM (Order of Friars Minor), who is originially from Utica, but currently works as a fire chaplin for a fire department in Peru.

"They were even interested in old station-wear uniforms that we might have. Anything that we can no longer use, that has no value [to us], we're gonna be sending in that direction," Brooks said.

"They're gonna pay for the shipping, so it's no cost to Utica. And, actually, some of this equipment would have cost [us] money to get rid of. It's a win-win for all."

Brooks recently received approval from the Common Council to gather and send the old gear, he said.