Here's are this week's "True Tales of New York City" as told by Franklin.

****The Zimmerman verdict came in and the media got what it wanted.  It turned a bad incident into a racial thing.  They hoped Blacks would riot so they could get more readers and listeners and viewers.  Well, one Black did attack a White man.  Here is the result of a racial confrontation on the streets of New York City. Especially noted for evil are the New York Daily News, NBC, Associated Press, BBC, Washington Post...

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****You know summer is really here when the Astoria pool is open. Flanking the pool, bleachers stand atop both the Art Deco bathing pavilion (with facilities for 6200 swimmers) and the water filtration house. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SO MUCH FLESH?



****Within a span of nine hours, James Doernberg and his girlfriend Kai Jordan managed to snap photos of themselves at all 118 of Manhattan’s subway stations. THEY DID IT ON ONE FARE.

****Eliot Spitzer the former Governor of New York State who resigned after being caught with a hooker is running for New York City Treasurer.  He needed 3500 signatures to get on the ballot.  He actually got 27,000.

****Taxi driver on the run after stabbing two men in Queens - killing one - in a morning melee.

****The annual All-Star Game is this week is in Queens at Citi Field, where the New York Mets play. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Opens Huge Show of Baseball Cards.



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