Utica, NY (WIBX) - Today is the one-year anniversary of the rescue of a pit bull many came to know affectionately as Apollo. Last year, the dog was found tied to a park bench outdoors in west Utica, in minus 20-degree weather. Jerry kraus, Spokesperson for the Stevens-Swan Humane Society of Oneida County, says it took a lot of TLC from a lot of people, to bring Apollo back from the brink of death.

He said, "We brought him back, it took a while to socialize him, he was very under nourished--17 pounds--I'm happy to report that he's found a beautiful home." Apollo, whose plight gained national attention, will be featured during the Society's biggest fundraiser of the year later this week. Kraus says Apollo is yet another example of the important work the Humane Society has taken on for the last 102 years. "This is what we do at the shelter, we take the abused, the stray and the homeless animals, and we take care of them, and we find them new homes, and we give them a second life," he said.

The group is always excepting donations at the shelter, or on-line at, www.stevens-swan.org. Kraus is also reminding pet owners to bring their animals indoors, or provide proper care for them when the freezing temperatures return.