Utica, NY (WIBX) - Oneida County legislators had questions answered on what caused delays on Election night.

At a regularly scheduled Internal Affairs Committee meeting, commissioners from the Oneida County Board of Elections presented a report about what went wrong on the night of elections.

The report found that by having runners instead of having telephone inspector call-ins, like in years past, caused delays in election results. A runner's job on election night is collect memory cards from polling machines after they close. The delays came when inspectors experienced problems in properly closing down the machines. And, those problems with closing the machines caused delays with the runners picking up the memory cards.

The Board of Elections outlined a few recommendations to fix the delays, including doubling call-in phone lines on election day, increase inspector training, instituting poll site coordinators and the possibility of reducing polling locations.

Legislator and Chair of the Internal Affairs Committee Michael Waterman says the board of elections tried to go for accuracy, which was a great idea, but, there were logistical problems.

"We need to back up and go back to the phones, so we have timely reporting," he said. "Because, we're going to have accurate reporting by the following morning, anyway. So, we need more timely reporting early on in the election day."

He says the International Affairs Committee will have a follow up meeting with the election board in January to get their timeline on implementing the changes they presented.