Utica, NY (WIBX) - After a two year process, the Oneida County Board of Legislators have decided to eliminate four board seats, downsizing the elected group from 29 members to 25.  Before the 18-9 vote, many legislators voiced their support to downsize, some like R-10 Legislator George Joseph, urging fellow legislators to eliminate ten board seats. "The people want smaller government", he said to the body, Wednesday evening.  The proposal to eliminate ten seats was voted down, 18-9. District 18 Legislator Chad Davis voting against that dramatic of a downsizing but voting  "yes" in support to downsize by four. ""With four I think it will be viable and you wont loose that extra set of eyes and ears to look at what we need to do to save the tax levy from going up higher", Davis said after the vote.

But not everyone agrees, District-2 Legislator Michael Hennessy voting against the measure, he supported an earlier plan to eliminate ten board seats. "Four was just a weak compromise", adding  that "it showed no leadership, showed no real effort to saving for the taxpayers".

The process to determine how the four districts will be absorbed has yet to be decided.