Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente made it clear Wednesday on First News with Keeler in the Morning: this is the wrong time to lower the county sales tax.

Picente is reacting to Oneida County Legislator David Gordon (D - NH) who on Tuesday called for a quarter percent drop in the county sales tax, from 8.75% to 8.50%.  Currently, Oneida County's Sales Tax rate is the highest in New York State.

The County Exec claims that with the Oneida Nation deal with New York State currently tied up in litigation, this is not the time to lower the sales tax and place the burden on property owners who would likely see a substantial increase in  property taxes to make up for the more than $7 million lost if the sales tax was reduced.

Picente added that he would like to cut the sales tax, but with a heftier decrease and when the time is right.

"Let's not cut it a quarter percent," said Picente. "Let's cut it more when we can."

Picente added that while the sales tax rate in Oneida County is the state's highest, property tax rates have been able to remain moderate.

Listen to the complete interview:

UPDATE:  County Votes to Keep Sales Tax at 8.75%

On Wednesday, the Oneida County Legislature voted to keep the sales tax at 8.75%.  Read story here