Oneida County residents will have the chance to learn how to prepare for emergencies and plan for disasters next week.
The Oneida County Health Department will host an Emergency Preparedness Community Workshop on Tuesday November 19, from 3 - 7:30 p.m. at the Ava Dorfman Senior Center in Rome.

Each workshop will be 20 minutes long and will teach participants what to do in emergency situations like having children, special needs family members and pets.

Each family participating will get to build a free emergency preparedness kit consisting of a hand-crank weather radio, first-aid kit, water storage container, waterproof document holder, family preparedness USB flash drive, and children's books while supplies last.

"The events of last summer brought home the reality that Oneida County residents must be prepared to protect their lives and property in the face of a natural disaster," County Executive Anthony Picente said. "Every household in Oneida County should have an emergency supply kit, a well rehearsed disaster plan and be well informed about impending threats and how to best respond to them."

One person per household can register by visiting the Oneida County website.