Utica, NY (WIBX) - The Oneida County Board of Legislators voted to pass a law to shrink the amount of districts in Oneida County, though the proceedings were tumultuous at times.

Originally, a vote was taken to reduce the amount of districts from 29 to 19, the original number proposed in April 2008. The vote ended in a tie, with Dave Wood being the absentee vote.

Following the failed proposal, another vote was taken to reduce the board by only six seats.

Dave Gordon, from the 14th district, said he wouldn't vote for anything less than ten.

" The point of the matter is, six is not enough," Gordon said. "The people in my district want to cut it ten. And so, I cannot support six,  again, six is not ten and I refuse to waiver on my position... I'm voting no."

James D'Onofrio, from the 15th district, fired back, saying cuts to the legislature must be made.

"I don't know how I can support ten, be an ardent advocate for ten...I don't know how I can't support six," D'onofrio said. "Obviously, I'd rather have ten, but you know what? Cutting this board is what we need to do, and this is a cut. Any other vote, you're voting to not cut this board. I vote yes."

The vote to reduce the amount of districts by six narrowly passed, 15 to 13.

A public referendum vote will take place in November.