Oneida County Tourism is making exploring the area a little bit easier.

Kelly Blazosky, president of the group, says the 2013 Travel Guide contains 50 pages of fun and interesting things to do and see.

"We can't get every event in there, so we go with the major ones for the Travel Guide," Blazosky said. "And, of course, references on more information are at our website, as well."

She says the guide appeals to almost everyone, whether they are a fisherman, art lover or outdoor fanatic.

This year's Snowmobile Trail Guide is also available, mapping more than 500 miles of groomed trails throughout the county, plus parking lots and businesses. What makes this year's edition different from previous ones is the addition of GPS technology to accurate map out trails.

Guides can be found at the Oneida County Welcome Center and a various locations throughout the state. It can also be found online by clicking here.