Utica, NY (WIBX) - November was supposed to be the month that Oneida County 9-1-1 consolidation was to take place, however a technology snag is holding up the process.

According to Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente, incorporating emergency calls originating from within the City into the County's 9-1-1 system will happen eventually. "The snags we're facing are based on technology, nothing program related or municipal related" said Picente, adding "its really nothing other than the different software issues that occur when you're blending two different systems."

At the last Utica Common Council meeting, Police Chief Mark Williams addressed the group, telling the elected officials that 9-1-1 consolidation may not take place until next February. According to the County Executive, that transition should be finalized with the next few weeks, not months.

The Director of Emergency Services of Oneida County says they've been working with vendors to try to bridge the communication gap. "There's a huge technologicial challenge", said 9-1-1 Director Kevin Revere.  "Our computer aided dispatch computer system needs to interface with the Utica record management system, the computers inside the police department that they track everything on" said Revere.  In addition, the computers inside Utica Police vehicles and Utica's fire trucks all have to be integrated into the county's system as well.

According to Revere, the cost associated with interfacing the differing technologies could cost upwards of $200,000.  He says the Department of Homeland Security is expected to pick up the tab.