Utica, NY (WIBX) - Now that the presents are open, people are looking for places to drop off their holiday waste.

Luckily, Jamie Tuttle, the Recycling Coordinator for the Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority has the answer.

"From Thanksgiving through New Year's, our nation actually produces an increased one million tons of trash per week," Tuttle said. "By recycling as much as we can and reducing the amount of trash we're producing, we're definitely helping keep things out of landfills and saving our resources."

She says for the 22nd year, the group is accepting wrapping paper for two weeks after Christmas, provided it is folded neatly and placed loosely with recycling.

People are also encouraged to recycle holiday cards, since they can be accepted year-round, but non-recyclable items like Styrofoam, tinsel and certain wreaths should be thrown into the trash. Each year, more than 2.6 billion cars are sold, enough to fill a standard football field ten stories high.

Christmas trees will also be accepted, based on the collection schedules in each town.

Tuttle says there are certain items that can't be recycled, including Styrofoam, tinsel and wreaths containing wire and plastic. They should be tossed with the regular garbage.