Oneida Nation Homelands (WIBX) - The Oneida Indian Nation is calling on the Obama Administration to renounce the inappropriate use of the name "Geronimo" as the code name for Osama bin Laden in the recent military operation that killed the terrorist leader in Pakistan.

Nation Representative Ray Halbritter says it's critically important that an historical figure like Geronimo. who for generations has served as an inspiration to millions of American Indians and non-Indians alike, not be associated for all of history with one of the world's most heinous villians.

Halbritter says American Indians have fought and died in every American conflict since the Revolutionary War, including the war in Afghanistan.

He says it's an insult to their service and memory that an icon of their culture be used this way.

Halbritter says the President must act quickly to prevent the name Geronimo from being used as a rallying cry and symbol for those who might pick up bin Laden's cause and bring harm to America.