Oneida, NY (WIBX) - Talks about bringing the movie making business to Central New York, will be taking place over the weekend, according to the Oneida Nation's leader. CEO Ray Halbritter, who's planning to attend the Academy Awards, says he'll be meeting with several movie studios and entertainment officials about using the area as a filming location.

The television and film industry is not a new business venture for the Oneidas. The Native American tribe launched the production company, Four Directions Productions, a decade ago, and even produced a documentary in 2003 titled, "The World of American Indian Dance," including an award winning 3-D animated short film about Native American legends titled, "Racoon & Crawfish," in 2007.

Halbritter said, "The Oneida Indian Nation has worked for years with Hollywood to address issues related to diversity and environmental awareness in films; we're now building on those relationships in an effort to bring major movie productions to Central New York. Beyond the much needed economic activity movie production would bring to this region, many people living in this area who are trained to work in film production are forced to move elsewhere to find employment opportunities - we hope to change that through this effort."

Halbritter says the landscapes, universities, lakes, cities and workforce makes Central New York a good option to film a movie. He added that the activities that comes along with filming, will help the economic recovery efforts in the area.