Utica, NY (WIBX) - The team selected to assist Mayor-elect Rob Palmieri construct his administrations' road map to lead the City of Utica, held its first meeting at City Hall today. Palmieri described it as constructive. "We do have a game plan in hand, which will be quality of life, which will be economic development, and which will be budgetary, and we're looking forward to having this transition to be a very effective and efficient method that would not only stand up until January 1st, but will continue throughout my next four years as mayor," Palmieri said.

When asked about filling key positions left vacant after several high profile firings by sitting Mayor David Roefaro--Palmieri being one of them--He said, "First and foremost, Rob Palmieri who I am standing here as Mayor-elect, was escorted out of this building and the people took it upon me to be where I am today, so I have the honor and privilege to serve them. Anyone that will submitt an application, I will look at their application." He says that includes those who were publicly fired and escorted out of City Hall, and his opponents.

Also, Palmieri says upon taking office, he will become Acting Public Safety Commissioner, which means the job will remain on the budget as an unfunded position. The other key positions left vacant after the firings are, Economic Development Commissioner and the city's Corporation Counsel position. The group's next meeting is scheduled to be held at City Hall on Monday, December 19th at 8:00 a.m.

The committees formed at the meeting this morning are:

  • Budgetary - Chairperson, Vin Gilroy, Certified Public Accountant 
  • Economic Development - Chairperson, Frank DuRoss, Executive Director Industrial Advancement, MVCC
  • HR/Quality of Life/Branding - Chairperson, Pat Costello, President, IEBW Local 43

Palmieri says the committee heads will bring on additional support staff to advance the specific issues their tasked with.