Utica, NY (WIBX) - Long-time public servant Robert Palmieri is ending speculation about his future political plans by throwing his hat in the ring for Utica mayor.

Palmieri was abruptly shown the door by current Mayor David Roefaro earlier this year, along with other city officials, Corporation Counsel Linda Sullivan Fatata, and economic development chief Robert Sullivan.

At the time, Palmieri expressed his belief that he was fired because Roefaro 'heard' he would be running against him in the upcoming election. A primary between the two, for the Democratic line, won't happen as Roefaro recently announced he would not seek re-election.

Surrounded by family and supporters inside his East Utica home, Palmieri said he wanted to improve the area's quality of life and said he would use some of his old tricks to accomplish it, like the quality of life sweeps he oversaw as codes commissionier and weed and seed liaison.

 "We made a difference. That's going to be my earmark for day one. [On] January 1st a quality of life sweep will start all over again, every Wednesday.

"I have done it. I've taken communities, I've taken neighborhoods that were drug infested, ridden with garbage and debris...and we made a difference. It's not gonna be done by Rob Palmieri, it's gonna be done by the community coming together and realizing we can change."

Palmieri said he has already screened for the party's endorsment, but a candidate has not yet been selected by the city's Democratic committee.

Palmieri is no stranger to City Hall, serving for more than 14 years in the Common Council, codes commissioner, weed and seed liaison and deputy public safety commissioner.

Prior to the announcement, Palmieri's sister's father-in-law, Jon Peterone, collapsed inside the house and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

"He's 97. He's been pusing me to run for mayor for years and wanted to be here for the announcement today," Palmieri said of Petrone.