As part of Veteran's Day celebrations this year, the Village of New York Mills unveiled its new World War II Pearl Harbor Memorial. The memorial is dedicated to Fireman 1st Class Ed Bator who was killed in the attacks on December 7, 1941.

Along with Bator, 13 other residents of New York Mills were at Pearl Harbor when the attacks took place and their names also reside on the memorial.

Mayor John Bialek says the memorial stands to remind future generations of the sacrifices made by U.S. soldiers.

Luke Tubia, WIBX

Stanley Kozien is the only living member of the 14 New York Mills residents who were at Pearl Harbor. Kozien was 19 at the time of the attacks. Now at 91, he says he can still remember waking up to alarms that Sunday morning and hearing the call for he and his shipmates to man battle stations.

Kozien added that he is happy to be able to see this dedication and knows that his fellow servicemen would be honored.