Utica, NY (WIBX) - Anthony Picente says he would like to the first Oneida County Executive to complete two full elected terms.

At a campaign fundraiser at Daniele's at Valley View on Tuesday night, Picente officially announced his intention to seek another four-year as county executive. He was introduced by Rome Mayor James Brown, who said Picente is not afraid to take a stand on tough issues.

Picente said he was proud of the work he's done over the past four years and would like to continue working on issues that impact the lives of county residents. Among them, the sewer and water repairs that have been mandated, and Picente mentioned the Oneida Indian Nation.

He also indicated he would like to continue to work in the area of consolidation saying he's had brief discussion with Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol about possible police consolidation.

Picente also talked further about his hope of becoming the first executive in Oneida County to complete two elected terms.

"This is the job I want. I don't do it to look for another step-up, or anywhere. Nothing against other who have moved on, but I'm committed to this," Picente said.