Utica, NY (WIBX) - Police are still on the scene of a confirmed suspicious death on Sunset Avenue in West Utica. Public Information Officer, Sergeant Steven Hauck says investigators are going through the scene of the two story--two family dwelling, and are only releasing minor details. "Well, we received a call little after 7 this morning and at this point basically investigating a suspicious death. It is a male on the first floor and that's about the only details we're releasing at this stage," he said.

Neighbors of the victim described him an African American male named Keith. One neighbor described him as a good person who was pleasant and helpful. "I've done sowing for him, alterations--you see him out there mowing his lawn all the time," she said. Another neighbor says he even mowed her lawn at times and helped plow her driveway during the winter. "He was really friendly," one young neighbor said, "His first name is Keith, that's all I know. Her grandmother continued saying, "He's a kind man, he would help you out if you need help cause like he mowed my lawn a couple of times and he helped me in the winters snow blow. So I mean, he's nice, he's cordial, he'll say hi to you." She says as far as they know he lived alone. The two neighbors who live next door to the victim say the last time they saw him was last week when he waved to them as he walked in to his home.

Hauck says a Coroner will remove the body from the scene later today after investigators gather all the information they need to piece together what happened to the man who lived at 1536 Sunset Avenue. Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara is also on the scene of the investigation.