Madison County, NY (WIBX) - We're increasingly seeing more "bath salts" incidents in our region.Officials with the Madison County Sheriff's Office are reporting the arrest of a half naked, 34-year-old woman accused of going on a rampage, high on bath salts and possibly other drugs.

Nicole K. Campbell allegedly destroyed a number of household items, including smashing out windows, and leaving her property in disarray around 4:00 yesterday morning. Police say she also tried attacking officers with a golf club and a large kitchen knife.

A minor child was found hiding in another room while police tried taking control of what they describe as a hostile situation. Campbell was subsequently tased and taken to a local hospital for treatment. Campbell is facing an array of charges after she's discharged from the hospital, as investigators try wrapping their heads around yet another bizarre incident involving the chemical substance commonly referred to as, "bath salts." More details about this incident is forthcoming.